DVNext Rheometer with Gel Timer Functionality


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The DVNext Rheometer with Gel Timer Functionality measures gel time using unique magnetic coupling that attaches the glass rod to instrument. When gel time is reached, display shows both gel time and equivalent viscosity value. The glass rod is quickly and easily detached from instrument. Integrated temperature probe provides peak exotherm data if needed. The DVNext can be ordered with glass measurement rod, compression-fit glass rod adapter, lab stand with adjustable stop for quickly positioning glass rod at proper immersion depth in test sample, and temperature probe. Test method can be run either manually or using program stored in instrument memory.

 Features and Benefits

Standard Version

  • Digital Leveling
  • Ethernet Connectivity
  • Start-up Wizard
  • Gel-Timer Functionality
  • Optional Magnetic Coupling Attachment 

    (replaces EZ-lock)
  • Optional Bar Code Scanner

Compliant Version

  • Hand-held Scanner for Bar Code Detection
  • Accessory Detection with Bar Code Detection
  • Magnetic Coupling Attachment 

    (replaces EZ-Lock)
  • Compliance to 21CFR11 in Stand-alone and

  • GAMP Compliant
  • LIMS Connectivity
  • Printing to non-editable PDF

What's Included

  • Instrument
  • Gel time coupling assembly, including glass rod
  • RTD Temperature Probe
  • Lab Stand (Model G)
  • Screen Protector
  • 4 GB Flash Drive (Includes Operator Instructions)
  • Carrying Case 


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