Helipath Quick Action Stand

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The first of its kind, the AMETEK Brookfield Helipath Quick Action Laboratory Stand, HPQA, is an innovative, motorized lab stand solution designed to provide both:

1. Advanced Helipath Testing
2. Quick Action Operations

Advanced Helipath Testing:

When used with a suitable AMETEK Brookfield Viscometer/Rheometer fitted with a unique T-bar type spindle, the HPQA will permit viscosity/consistency measurements in relative centipoise values for materials having characteristics similar to paste, putty, cream, gelatin, or wax. The helical test action also allows measurement of paints, dyes, lithographic inks, and many other thixotropic substances, demonstrating a viscosity drop as the material is sheared.

HPQA slowly lowers or raises the AMETEK Brookfield Viscometer/Rheometer so that its rotating T-bar spindle will describe a helical path through the test sample. The problem of channeling or separating is eliminated by constantly cutting into fresh material for meaningful viscosity/consistency measurements.

Quick Action Operations:

Motorized capabilities bring the HPQA to the next level. The control system with the integrated interface, joystick, and motor simplifies and expands laboratory and testing capabilities, making it the modern choice.

The HPQA features a variable speed motor allowing high-speed travel up with the integrated joystick to 40mm/s. Users can set up standard viscosity tests quickly and accurately with traditional spindles. Eliminating manual adjustment efforts, the touchscreen interface allows the user to create programmable height locations to perform repetitive testing quickly and efficiently. The one-touch Home button allows the stand to automatically drive to the top (Home) position for easy spindle cleanup and sample change.

Programmable height locations, one touch movements, and a user-friendly interface allow users to more efficiently and repeatably set up and execute tests.


  • Designed for viscosity/consistency measurement of materials that are sometimes difficult to measure such as gels, pastes, creams, putty, gelatin, and other non-flowing substances
  • Variable, high-speed travel up to 40 mm/s with joystick: Ideal for Quick Action operations and standard viscosity tests
  • Touchscreen interface with physical joystick for easy programming and precise control
  • Home and programmable test positions allow quick one-touch stand movements for easy cleaning and preparation for the next test
  • Excellent choice for end of line quality tests to be sure product is consistent
  • Simple to set up and clean
  • Available with Magnetic Spindle Coupling Option, allowing spindles to be quickly attached and removed while preventing damage during frequent spindle changes
  • Compatible with all AMETEK Brookfield Viscometers and DVNext Rheometers


The HPQA is available to purchase with a Magnetic Spindle Coupling Option. This option allows spindles to be quickly attached and removed, and may also help prevent damage from frequent spindle changes or multiple users. A special coupling adapter can allow the use of magnetic spindles.

**Note: The Magnetic Spindle Coupling Option must be purchased with all Viscometers/Rheometers with a magnetic spindle coupling.

What's Included

  • HPQA Drive Assembly and Lab Stand Extrusion
  • Coupling
  • Base
  • Spindle Case


Helipath Quick Action Stand Brochure